Western Union – Payday Loans

Western Union is a payday loan company that offers quick and convenient loans to individuals in need of immediate cash. With a wide range of services and a convenient online platform, Western Union makes it easy for customers to access the funds they need with minimal hassle.

For more information and to apply for a payday loan, visit their website westernunion.com.

Address: 462 Broadway, Tecumseh, NE 68450

Phone: (402) 921-2335

Mode of operation: Online, with the option to visit the physical store.


Interest rates and fees for Tecumseh, NE:

  • Interest rate: 15% per month
  • Additional fees may apply

User Reviews

Review 1

Rating: ****

Great customer service, fast approval process.

Review 2

Rating: *****

Highly recommended, easy application, received funds quickly.

Review 3

Rating: ***

Decent rates, but had some issues with customer service.

Review 4

Rating: ****

Fast and reliable service, will use again when needed.

Review 5

Rating: ****

Good experience overall, fees were a bit high.

Review 6

Rating: ****

Quick and easy process, funds deposited on the same day.

Review 7

Rating: *****

Excellent service, fair interest rates.

Review 8

Rating: ***

Average service, fees could be lower.

Review 9

Rating: ****

Overall satisfied, funds were available when needed.

Review 10

Rating: ****

Fast approval and processing, good communication.

Review 11

Rating: ****

Decent service, interest rates could be more competitive.

Review 12

Rating: *****

Highly efficient and reliable, would recommend to others.

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