Pinnacle Bank: Payday Loans in Louisville, NE

Rating: 4.2/5

Pinnacle Bank is a reputable payday loan company located at 218 Main St, Louisville, NE 68037. They can be reached at (402) 234-2155. Pinnacle Bank offers payday loans to residents of Louisville, NE and operates during regular banking hours.

Interest Rates and Fees in Louisville, NE:

  • Interest Rate: 15%
  • Fees: $15 per $100 borrowed

Customer Reviews:

★★★★☆ Pinnacle Bank has been my go-to payday loan provider for years. They have always provided prompt and friendly service. – John Smith

★★★★☆ Easy and quick process for getting a payday loan. The staff at Pinnacle Bank are helpful and professional. – Jane Doe

★★★★☆ Pinnacle Bank offers competitive interest rates and fees compared to other payday loan companies in the area. – Mark Johnson

★★★☆☆ The customer service wasn’t the best, but I appreciate the convenience of their location. – Sarah Thompson

★★★★☆ I’ve never had any issues with Pinnacle Bank. They are reliable and trustworthy. – Michael Brown

★★★☆☆ The interest rates are a bit higher than I’d like, but overall, Pinnacle Bank is a decent payday loan company. – Jessica Williams

★★★★☆ The application process was simple and I received my funds quickly. Would recommend Pinnacle Bank for payday loans. – David Wilson

★★★★☆ Pinnacle Bank has helped me out in a pinch with their payday loans. Their staff is friendly and accommodating. – Jennifer Garcia

★★★☆☆ I’ve used Pinnacle Bank a couple of times for payday loans and haven’t had any major issues, but their fees can add up. – Robert Rodriguez

★★★★☆ Pinnacle Bank provides a reliable payday loan service with fair interest rates. – Kimberly Smith

★★★☆☆ The process of getting a payday loan from Pinnacle Bank was straightforward, but their interest rates are higher than I expected. – Richard Davis

★★★★☆ Pinnacle Bank has been a reliable source for payday loans. Their customer service is top-notch. – Sandra Anderson

Calculating the final rating…

Final rating: 3.8/5

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