How To Get Cash From Credit Card Without Cash Advance?

How To Get Cash From Credit Card Without Cash AdvanceDespite the fact that lending in the USA is developing and becoming more accessible and widespread, a significant part of Americans are still wary of banking services. The main reason is a weak awareness of the essence of certain services and a banal unwillingness to understand the intricacies of legal documents. Of course, a bank loan is not always a benefit and it is necessary to consider more profitable options for solving financial problems at the expense of cash loans, and the question: where to get money other than cash advance becomes relevant.

Ways to get cash without cash advance

It often happens that money is needed urgently, but there are no own savings or there were none at all. In this case, many Americans out of habit prefer to go to the nearest bank branch to issue a loan at a high interest rate and overpay a significant amount to the lender. This way of solving financial problems cannot be called the most effective and reasonable. As a rule, the size of the required amount is of decisive importance, which determines the method of getting additional money.

Option#1: Borrow from family and friends

This method is popular at all times and is effective to varying degrees, depending on the capabilities of a close circle of people who are able to lend money. Often no special financial opportunities are required, because in most cases money is spent on solving current difficulties, such as:

  • arrears for utilities;
  • damage or wear of furniture, household appliances, clothing and other things;
  • treatment, legal advice and more.

Every citizen who receives even the official minimum wage is able to pay most of these expenses, another thing is that not everyone has the opportunity to pay for all items on a monthly basis. In this case, borrowing from a private person is a reasonable decision, but even here you need to be careful, because even the strongest relationships are easily spoiled by debt and financial issues.

Option#2: visit a pawnshop

Pawnshop services are in demand at all times and represent an exchange: changing values for money with the possibility of subsequent redemption. Almost all valuables are accepted:

  • household appliances and electronics;
  • antiques;
  • audio and video equipment;
  • jewelry.

When pawning a thing to a pawnshop, it is worth considering that a certain time is given for its redemption, after which it will be put up for sale. In addition, the value of the item is significantly reduced during the evaluation, and the client receives 30-50% less than its real value. Other nuances when handing over valuables to a pawnshop are:

  • storage fee;
  • no compensation for damage or breakage of the pledged stuff;
  • redemption at full cost at the time of reception.

This way to get money is not bad if there is a property that is not a pity to mortgage, otherwise you can sell an expensive thing at a cost lower than the real one.

Option#3: sell things on sale

Sales are very popular abroad and in every city of America there are places where sellers of antiques, trinkets and quite practical things gather. The cost of goods at such a sale is significantly different from the real market, but it allows you to get rid of a large number of unnecessary things at a time, getting a little money for them. You can sell:

  • collectible clothing and shoes;
  • records;
  • stamps, coins, books;
  • antiques;
  • rare photographic equipment, dishes, furniture and so on.

Antique items are sold at high prices, which means that if they are available, you can get a significant amount of money.

Option#4: to rent a house

This option may be relevant not only as a way to solve temporary problems, but also as a source of permanent income. Apartments in large cities cost a lot of money per square meter, so rent is in high demand not only among visitors, but also among local residents. In a month, you can get from $1,000-$1,500 or more, depending on the quality of the apartments and the availability of everything necessary in them.

The disadvantage of such income is the risk of settling unscrupulous tenants in their apartment, who, having moved out, will take with them not only their own, but also the owner’s stuff. This is not the worst outcome, but there may be many possible options and not all of them will be predictable. In addition, in order to rent a house, you still need to have it, and this is already a serious problem.

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