How to Get a Loan with Guaranteed Approval

How to Get a Loan with Guaranteed Approval

Microfinance organizations and banks are actively offering loans to US residents. Statistics show that many borrowers get rejected. But do not despair! It is possible for borrowers can get 100% loan approval, even with bad credit.

You can get 100% approval if you wish, and it’s not difficult. The main thing is to contact the right organizations.

Can I get a personal loan with guaranteed approval?

When applying for a personal loan from a bank, there is little hope. The failure rates are very high, as the requirements for borrowers are very strict.

The features of bank loans are as follows:

  • If you have a bad credit history, 100% approval is excluded. Poor credit is a black mark for banks and they do not want to succumb to risk.
  • Be sure to provide proof of identity and income. To qualify for a personal loan, you must have a steady income and an official job.
  • The application is processed for 2-5 days, and it may be get rejected in the end.
  • You won’t be able to get a personal loan from a bank if you have existing loans from third parties.

So getting a personal loan from a bank is not the best option if you need loan approval quickly.

Are there any loans with 100% approval?

Need fast cash? There is an opportunity to get a guaranteed approval loan. For this, you need to contact a microfinance institution. A payday loan is the best option for 100% approval. The main thing is to choose the right payday loan provider.

Advantages of payday loans:

  • Relaxed eligibility criteria. You need a few basic documents, there are no additional requirements.
  • Fast application – 5-15 minutes.
  • You can apply around the clock.
  • Funds can be used for whatever purpose.
  • High approval rates.
  • Bad credit is not an obstacle to getting approved.
  • The application can be submitted via the Internet from the comfort of your home.
  • You can receive funds in the most suitable way.
  • You can use online loan referral services that help find the best loan offer for your unique needs.

Can I get a guaranteed approval loan with bad credit?

Bad credit is the main reason for loan rejection in banking institutions. But microfinance institutions give a chance to fix credit, even if the client has missed payments and outstanding debts. But payday loans are usually small-dollar and short-term. An average payday loan amount is $500 – $1,000. Lending periods typically do not exceed 31 days.

There is a list of reasons why microfinance institutions approve borrowers with poor credit scores:

  • They want to increase the volume of loans issued.
  • Interest covers all losses.
  • A small loan is easier to repay than a large loan.

Getting a loan with guaranteed approval is real by means of microfinance institutions. Anyone who needs cash for emergency needs can qualify for a loan.

What is required to get a 100% approval loan?

To get a loan with 100% approval in a few minutes, you need to meet several eligibility criteria:

  1. Be a US resident.
  2. Be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Have any source of income.
  4. Have some kind of identity verification.
  5. Have an active bank account in your name.
  6. Have a valid phone number.

If you comply with these requirements, you are likely to get approved. In addition, microfinance institutions do not ask clients for collateral, they do not need guarantors or income proof certificates. Besides, financial institutions do not have an official employment requirement.

How to boost your chances of getting your loan approved

Although payday loans have high acceptance rates, rejections still do occur. But there is something you can do to increase your loan approval chances. Here are some tips and tricks that will help boost your chances of getting your loan approved.

  1. Provide only reliable data when filling out the application form. One wrong digit in the SSN or in the phone number may cause a rejection.
  2. Fill out the form honestly, do not miss any fields. Do not lie about your income. The lender will check everything anyway, and if the data does not match, the decision will be negative.
  3. If possible, provide contact details of your family, friends or employer – this will increase the level of trust in you by the company.
  4. Do not use someone else’s bank account/documents/phone number to apply for a loan. In case of fraud, you can be permanently blacklisted.
  5. If possible, pay off debts. This will increase your chances of getting approved for a loan. At the same time, remember that microfinance institutions accept customers with bad credit (unlike banks) and issue online payday loans with no credit checks.


When you need fast cash, you can always get a quick payday loan from a microfinance institution. This does not take much time, because everything is done online. At the same time, there is no paperwork involved, you just need some kind of identity verification. Payday loans are known as “loans with guaranteed approval”. Microfinance institutions give people with bad credit access to basic financial services. Moreover, they also help to fix your credit. By contacting a payday lender, you have high loan approval chances.

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