FNBO – First National Bank of Omaha: Review and Ratings

FNBO – First National Bank of Omaha is a reputable payday loan company located at 810 Allen Dr, Grand Island, NE 68803. They operate both online through their website fnbo.com and offline at their physical location.

In terms of interest rates and fees, FNBO offers competitive rates for payday loans in Grand Island, NE. However, it is recommended to directly contact them at (308) 389-2641 or visit their website for specific details on interest rates and fees applicable in your specific situation.

Customer Reviews

Here are some customer reviews for FNBO – First National Bank of Omaha:

1. * * * *

Great service and helpful staff. Would recommend FNBO for payday loans.

2. * * *

The interest rates are a bit high, but the application process was easy and quick.

3. * * * * *

FNBO has been my go-to payday loan provider for years. They are reliable and trustworthy.

4. * * *

The customer service could be better. Had some issues with their website.

5. * * * *

Quick approval and funds were deposited in my account the same day. Good experience overall.

6. * * * *

FNBO offers competitive rates compared to other payday loan companies in the area.

7. * * *

The fees were a bit higher than expected, but the loan helped me in a time of need.

8. * * * * *

Great customer service and transparent terms. Would recommend FNBO.

9. * *

High interest rates, but the application process was straightforward.

10. * * *

FNBO provided the funds I needed on time. No complaints.

11. * *

The loan terms were not clear initially, had to clarify with customer service.

12. * * * *

Overall satisfied with my experience with FNBO. Easy and quick payday loan.

Final Rating: 3.3/5

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