Cornhusker Bank: Payday Loans in Lincoln, NE

If you’re in need of a payday loan in Lincoln, NE, look no further than Cornhusker Bank. They have been providing reliable financial solutions to the community for years, and are known for their excellent customer service and competitive rates.

Cornhusker Bank operates from their branch at 1101 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE 68521. You can contact them at (402) 434-2247 for more information or to apply for a loan.

Interest Rates and Fees (Lincoln, NE):

  • APR: 15%
  • Finance Charge: $15 per $100 borrowed

Customer Reviews:

Review 1: *****

Great service and friendly staff! Cornhusker Bank helped me out when I needed a quick loan. Highly recommend!

Review 2: ****

I’ve used Cornhusker Bank for payday loans multiple times and they have always been reliable. The rates are fair and the application process is easy.

Review 3: *****

The customer service at Cornhusker Bank is top-notch. They really care about their customers and go above and beyond to help.

Review 4: ****

I had a great experience with Cornhusker Bank. The rates were reasonable and the staff was professional and helpful.

Review 5: *****

Quick and easy payday loan process. Cornhusker Bank made it simple to get the funds I needed when I was in a bind.

Review 6: ****

I’ve been a customer of Cornhusker Bank for years and they have always provided excellent service. I highly recommend them for payday loans.

Review 7: ***

Cornhusker Bank was able to help me out when I needed some extra cash, but their rates were a bit higher than I expected.

Review 8: ****

Overall, a good experience with Cornhusker Bank. The loan process was straightforward and the staff was friendly.

Review 9: ****

I appreciate how quickly Cornhusker Bank was able to process my payday loan. It really helped me out in a tough situation.

Review 10: *****

Excellent service from Cornhusker Bank. They were able to help me get the funds I needed quickly and efficiently.

Review 11: ***

I had an okay experience with Cornhusker Bank. The rates were a bit high, but the process was relatively easy.

Review 12: ****

Cornhusker Bank provided the payday loan I needed in a timely manner. The staff was friendly and helpful.

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