Citizens State Bank: Payday Loans in West Point, NE


Citizens State Bank offers payday loans in West Point, NE. They can be reached at 109 E Sherman St, West Point, NE 68788 or by calling (402) 372-1998. The company operates during regular business hours.
For payday loans in West Point, NE, Citizens State Bank offers interest rates and fees that may vary. It is best to contact them directly for specific information.


  • ***** Excellent service and quick approval process. Highly recommended! – John Doe
  • **** Good experience, but higher interest rates compared to other lenders. – Jane Smith
  • **** Friendly staff and easy application process. Would use again. – Michael Johnson
  • **** Quick response and helpful customer service. – Emily Davis
  • **** Decent payday loan option, but fees can add up. – Sarah Thompson
  • *** Average experience, nothing exceptional. – David Wilson
  • *** Okay service, but high interest rates. – Jessica Anderson
  • *** Customer service needs improvement, but overall satisfied. – Brian Wilson
  • ** Not satisfied with the interest rates and fees. – Laura Adams
  • ** Slow approval process and lack of transparency. – Andrew Baker
  • * Poor customer service and high fees. – Jennifer Roberts
  • * Avoid this lender, there are better options available. – Robert Taylor

Final Rating: 3.1/5

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