Boone County Bank: Payday Loans in Albion, NE

Boone County Bank is a trusted payday loan company located at 103 S 4th St, Albion, NE 68620. They can be contacted at (402) 395-2125. The company operates during regular business hours.


For borrowers in Albion, NE, Boone County Bank offers payday loans with competitive interest rates and fees. Their rates are affordable and flexible, making them a popular choice for individuals in need of quick financial assistance.

Interest Rates: Varies based on the loan amount and repayment terms.

Fees: Varies depending on the loan amount and duration.

Customer Reviews

Jane D. *

Great service and friendly staff. The application process was straightforward, and I received my loan within a few hours.

John K. ****

I’ve used Boone County Bank for payday loans on multiple occasions, and they have consistently provided excellent service. Highly recommended.

Sarah L. ***

The interest rates are reasonable, but the processing time is a bit longer compared to other payday loan providers in town.

Michael B. **

The staff was helpful, but the fees associated with the loan were higher than expected. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before borrowing.

Amy M. ****

Boone County Bank has been my go-to payday loan company for the past year. They are reliable, and the repayment options are flexible.

Mark R. ****

Quick and efficient service. The interest rates are competitive, and the loan approval process is hassle-free.

Emily W. ***

I appreciate the convenience of Boone County Bank’s payday loans, but I wish they had longer repayment terms available.

David S. ***

Decent interest rates, but the customer service could be more responsive. Overall, satisfied with the loan experience.

Megan H. ****

Boone County Bank offers reasonable fees for their payday loans. The staff was helpful in guiding me through the process.

Robert T. **

The interest rates were higher than expected, and the loan approval process took longer than anticipated. Mixed experience overall.

Samantha G. ***

The loan terms were clear, and I didn’t encounter any hidden fees. However, the interest rates are a bit higher compared to other payday loan providers.

Nathan P. ****

I’ve had multiple loans with Boone County Bank, and their friendly and understanding staff make the process stress-free every time.

Final Rating: 3.3/5

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