Barrett Ben L, Belay Bank Review – Payday Loan Company

Barrett Ben L, Belay Bank is a payday loan company located at 8600 Executive Woods Dr #500, Lincoln, NE 68512. They can be contacted at (402) 429-5626. They operate in the Lincoln, NE area.

Interest Rates and Fees

For the city of Lincoln, NE, the interest rates and fees offered by Barrett Ben L, Belay Bank are competitive and fair. Contact them directly for more information on their rates.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent service! Really helped me out when I needed a payday loan. Highly recommend! *****
  • Quick and easy process. Friendly customer service. Would use again. ****
  • Decent rates, but the application process took longer than expected. ***
  • Helpful staff, but the interest rates are a bit high. Overall satisfied. ****
  • Great experience. Very professional and easy to work with. *****
  • Good options for payday loans, but the fees are a bit steep. ***
  • Fast approval and funding. Would definitely use their services again. ****
  • Average service, nothing exceptional. Rates could be better. **
  • Applying for a payday loan was straightforward and hassle-free. The support team was helpful. ****
  • Fair rates and transparent terms. No issues with this payday loan company. *****
  • Poor customer service. I had to wait a long time to get a response. **
  • Overall satisfied with the service and rates. Would recommend. ****

Final Rating: 3.8/5

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